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I need advice and motivation :/

Hey guys , iam already learning forex trading after firstly blowing my account i realized that its not get-rich-quick scheme but i need to learn so i started i already know technical analysis i use MACD and RSI i look also on news etc. but i doubt if i can trully make slowly but surely make money , because some people are saying that forex is scam that all those forex gurus are only earning money through providing courses etc. that only some bank analysists can make decent money ..... What do you think guys? Can even a simple guy that is ambitious like me , learn it and make money by myself?
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Forex is a scam?

I hear so many people that forex is a scam. That you cant make money off of it. And that its decentralized and unregulated.
Am i wasting my time learning how to trade?
Somebody pls tell me to save me some time...
Anybody ever profitable at least???
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Never traded before - need help understanding if I’m being propositioned a scam or this is just how Forex works

My mother, being concerned for my future wellbeing, as I’m not a successful person by any means, has introduced me to a friend of hers that apparently is a “currency exchange” trader or something.
I’m generally a sceptical person so I put off the idea of having a zoom meeting with this person for a few weeks. But today I met him, he was a pleasant older man, apparently about 70 years old.
Essentially, he claims that he spent $40,000 ish about 7-8 years ago to be given a proper education in the whole Forex and analysis thing. Makes a decent living himself but as he’s nearing retirement he wants to offer me free tuition to essentially learn the ropes.
I don’t, at least yet, see where I am to lose money, unless it’s a really long game scam.
But in essence he wants me to go through the entire pips school thing, and if I manage to without finding it too difficult, understanding the basics, and showing that I’m actually up for putting the effort in, he will essentially teach me everything he knows etc, set up in modules. This won’t cost me anything other than my time.
Where I get a little confused and, as I’m completely oblivious to all of this, it may just be how these things work.
But he said, he’ll show me how to set up a Demo account and over the months learn how to try to make consistent growth on these demo account (I believe he spoke in the 3%+ per month range)
And here’s where I don’t know if it gets shady or if it’s ok. . . Once I’m relatively experienced in this, showing consistency on this etc, he says he can offer me access to a hedge fund or something? Where apparently I trade some other organisations money and not my own? Something like $100,000 per fund and I’d be expected to make profits, but never more than a 5% loss in a month or a 10% loss in any one day. Other than that, I would apparently receive 10% of profits from that.
Only thing is something to do with a server fee, something like to have access to those funds it’s something like $750 a month that’s deducted from your profit, so I don’t know if it’s a scam or it’s just how the professional world of this works.
Either way I’m keen to learn from the modules he’s sending me and so on, just not sure about any part once actual money, whether that be mine or someone else’s, is involved.
Any advice would be well received thanks
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Are all forex courses scams? Never bought one before all the knowledge I have is free from the internet. I now have a trading plan, risk management plan, and I'm going to start trading with a firm starting tomorrow. I'm just curious to the results of forex courses.

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Is forex really a scam

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Forex - Is it a scam in Morocco?

Hi All.
I would be grateful if Moroccans can provide me with some thoughts on this.
I am European and my cousin moved to Morocco a year ago. Recently I was on a call with him and I am worried that he will be scammed by some Moroccan guy claiming to be a forex investor and selling “signals” & courses via Instagram.
I tried to tell my cousin that it all sounds too good to be true. If this Forex guy is making as much money as he claims, why would he have the need to promote and sell on Instagram, surely he would keep making money trading for himself if he is so good at this.
I decided to check out this Moroccan forex guy on Instagram. His name is Yazid Ayach and he seems to be a teenager. His claims of incredible returns on the stock market sound ridiculous and he shows off his supposed wealth to his followers.
I want to know if anyone has heard of Yazid Ayach and whether he is a known scammer in Morocco?
The last thing I want is for my cousin to start paying hundreds of dollars for nothing more than a scam.
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Step by step guide to tell if something is a scam in forex

I've seen probably about 10 posts in the last few days of people asking if ___ service is a scam or if ___ bot is a scam, so I decided to make a step by step guide to work out if it is a scam or not:
  1. It is a scam.
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Do you guys think forex is a scam?

just wanted the general opinion of people my age(and a few 50year pedos,I see you Bethany with a 8year Reddit account and a 13age flag)
If you think it's a scam pls explain as well
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Forex Progress Bot Is It Reliable Or a Scam ?

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Is Forex actually simple? Or am I following for social media marketing/scam?

High school student, seeing friends and college students on social media saying how they make enough to quit their part time/full time jobs from forex, when some have only been on it for a few months. Almost all say they are in groups, and people should join to get videos and it’s best to learn with a mentor and a group to share trades. Some try to recruit. Some say although you have to pay, it’s worth it because of what you get to learn.
Maybe the answer is obvious, but they can’t all be lying right? I’m talking I’ve seen hundreds-thousands of high school and college students all claim the same thing about forex on social media. I obviously haven’t seen any profit, as in clear money from forex, but I find it insane, but hard to believe that all these people fall under the same umbrella and are lying/spewing hyperboles
EDIT: falling for a * in title
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What is this forex instagram trading scam?

Anyone who fell for the forex trading scam, im wondering specifically what is in it for the scammers? How does it work?
I fell for the Cut co scam and I figured out whats going on behind the scenes, or at least I think I did.
Those people don’t actually give a shit if you sell the knives or not.. if they wanted to sell knives they would hire real salesman.. they care about the fact that you give them the name, phone number, and email address of everyone that you do the “knife sale demo” to... because they can sell that information to other businesses for tons of money.. that and they just try to get you to push and manipulate friends and family into buying a 1,000 dollar set of fucking knives.
At least thats what ive been able to figure out from my one week “working” with them..
So given that information, I just cannot seem to figure out what the “scam” is in this forex bullshit.. because I dont think you do actual presentations where you gather information from idiots..
Forex in itself is a real thing and if you treat it like any other type of investing there is a real way to make money, HOWEVER listening to other 20 year olds tell you about how you can become a millionaire overnight is a pretty great tell that its all bullshit..
So my question is, has anyone been able to figure out whats really going on behind the scenes?
Is it market manipulation? (Ie. jordan Belfort type pumping and dumping)
Or is it just giving people a program on the trading platform to make halfway decent trades and taking a cut of the money you make?
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ILPT Forex is a SCAM & is BULLSHIT

Don’t fall for it, don’t waste your time or money because you will get scammed.... now have a nice day💯
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There are so many scams and fake gurus, I’m wondering, who would you guys say is the best YouTuber to watch to learn day/swing trading and/or forex?

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Is Regal FX a scam or legal forex broker?

Hi everyone!
Is it safe to trade with Regal Core Markets Limited? I have experience in trading but not specifically with forex, so I want to make sure that they are a legit broker and not a scam. To be honest, there are a lot of different companies that are dishonest with their services and I don’t want anything to do with those kinds of companies. I did my research around this company and so far, everything is good. I am just looking for reviews from real users so I know whether to open a forex trading account or not. I know that while reading this review (actually not a review), you’re also interested in knowing what Regal FX is, to keep it short, the company is a forex broker platform.
Anyway, please share your experience with the platform and if you have any reviews/comments about them.
Thank you!
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Forex Resolut Review: Is It A Scam?

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Who is FXhubs? FX hubs Review, is Forex hubs Legit or Scam? r...

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antiMLM | Image | "Is forex really a scam"

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Is this a scammer trying to convince people that paying for forex is not a scam? 😂

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There's a lot of scams online and everyone just wants to take your money, however, is there any legitimate and worthwhile online forex courses?

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Is Forex a scam?

I have seen a number of my friends join some sort of foreign exchange group. The most common one being "Tradehouse Investment Group" from what I've seen. Are these pyramid schemes / mlms? If so, how do these operate because they don't seem to be selling any products?

Edit: I have checked the FAQ and I couldn't find any info on this.
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Can someone explain how forex is a scam? I mean the people who flood their accounts with it, the recruiting aspect of it?

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How To Spot a FOREX SCAM! - YouTube Why Forex is a SCAM Full Time Forex Trading Is A Scam! Here's Why! - YouTube The Truth About Forex Trading! Is It A Scam? - YouTube Is Forex Trading a SCAM or Not? (TRUTH REVEALED!) - YouTube Forex is a SCAM and GAMBLING!! ( Here is why ) # ... Forex Trading is a SCAM 🚨 👀 Learn about FOREX SCAMS - YouTube Exposing Forex Scams: Fake Mentors, Overpriced Courses ...

Forex isn't scam. Learn more about the forex market and find a trusted online brokerage in Benzinga's forex guide. Forex fraud is rampant and can be hard to spot. Whether you’re already trading or thinking about trading this article will show you exactly how to identify a Forex scam.. We’ll be answering if withdrawal issues are causes for concern that a company is a scam as well as many other questions on how Forex scams work. Is safe or a scam? is definitely a trusted financial service provider, as the trading name used by the GAIN Capital Holdings, principally the company incorporated in the US according to all the strictest laws and requirements.. In addition, is a part of StoneX Group Inc. (NASDAQ: SNEX) publicly-traded company with strong corporate governance, financial reporting ... A persistent scam, old and new, presents itself in some types of forex-developed trading systems. These scammers tout their system’s ability to generate automatic trades that, even while you ... Forex Strategies – Scam 6: Signal Seller Membership. Just like the robots, certain 'signal sellers' claim to sell you information on which trades you should make in order to get rich. The trick is – they charge a weekly or monthly fee for their service ('signals'). Little do you know that not only you are lose your money, but they do not even offer you anything that will help improve your ... Forex Brokers: Are They a Scam? Forex trading is legal, but not all forex brokers follow the letter of the law. By Coryanne Hicks , Contributor June 17, 2020 The Forex Scam Brokers Blacklist. Unfortunately, every day there are more fake forex scam brokers and other types of online trading brokers (including binary options) looking to scam unsuspecting victims. The table below is a broker blacklist consisting of binary options and forex scam brokers who have scammed those who made complaints on Broker Complaint Registry. If you would like to report ...

[index] [16] [26639] [29876] [13884] [85] [4546] [28292] [3827] [14696] [6967]

How To Spot a FOREX SCAM! - YouTube

Samuel Leach explains how to keep your capital and yourself safe from forex scams. Taking you through what you should be looking out for and how to catch the... Forex is by far not a scam, it is the worlds leading liquidation financial market in the entire world. Up to 7 trillion dollars a day is exchanged meaning you can virtually have no limit on the ... This video is on the truth and reality of forex. Follow my Instagram AmazingArmani For More! This is not a get rich quick scheme like most people think it is... Also, check out my Ranger EA V2! ---Disclaimer--- I am not a registered financial a... #forex #forexlifestyle #forextrader Want to join the A1 Trading Team? See trades taken by our top trading analysts, join our live trading chatroom, and acces... I'm going to let you know whether forex trading is scam or not. There are a lot of scam forex brokers, scam forex traders and also forex scams. But there are... Forex trading is a scam. Forex scams and forex trading are very popular. 100% of the gurus on YouTube who claim to be profitable forex traders are frauds Dis... What's up, its me telling you how forex can be a scam and how it can be gambling, but no it is not... watch the video till the end to understand!! subscribe ...